1. My Everything
    Ariana Grande

    I’ve cried enough
    Tears to see my own
    Reflection in them

    And then it was clear
    I can’t deny I really miss him

    To think that I was wrong

    I guess you don’t know
    What you go into
    Pain is just a consequence of love

    Until it started
    Feeling the same for us

    He was my everything
    ‘Till we were nothing

    And it’s taken me a lot to stay
    Now that he’s gone my heart is missing something
    So it’s time to push my pride away

    Cos you are, you are, you are my everything
    You are, you are, you are my everything

  3. anyqueen:

    ”Se duas pessoas estão destinadas a ficar juntas, eventualmente elas encontram o caminho de volta.”

  5. (Fonte: los-rebels)

  6. (Fonte: timberlakerr)

  9. ggbygossipgirl:

    Blair: It’s taking all the power I have to walk away from you. 

    Chuck: I know. But I need to let you go. You need to let go.

    Blair: I’ll always love you.

    Chuck: I will always love you.